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be the start of a nation that shares ..

May 29, 2013


#DAY 29: We are so proud to be part of Be the Start and today is Ecomodo day! From lovely people at Start Be the Start is a campaign that celebrates living well & doing good by encouraging each of us to start something amazing this May 2013.  Over the past month we have been collecting a whole bunch of items (with little stories) to spark your imagination around what you can share on

Celebrate today and start sharing! Follow these 3 simple steps to be the start of a nation that shares ..


1. Sign up .. it’s free to join!

Once registered we will keep you updated of new items to borrow and wanted ads near you. And choose to create a lending circle for your ‘hood.

2. Add items to lend to inspire others to share

Using you can choose to lend your items for free, for a fee to keep yourself or to donate your earnings to charity. Opt for deposits & insurance for extra peace of mind. Not sure what to lend? Get inspired

3. Tell a friend ..

Invite your friends, neighbours & work colleagues to join ecomodo. And if you’re having a Big Lunch this Sunday .. invite your fellow lunchers too!


A bit about .. be the start!

With the help of an army of businesses and organisations across the country (M&S, Waitrose, B&Q and Ecomodo to name but a few), Be the Start is all about celebrating how living sustainably is a extremely meaningful and rewarding way to live. The aim is to help every single person in the UK discover how we can each make a unique and important contribution to a more sustainable and all-round lovelier Britain.

Check out Start’s Pinterest boards for a wealth of ideas about how to live sustainably. Be the start you want to see in the world!

10 top tips for a right royal celebration ..

April 20, 2011


There’s nothing better than a Royal Wedding to bring people together for a good ol’ fashioned knees up and with this April 29th being declared a national holiday, millions of people all around the UK will celebrate this landmark occasion together. Family, friends, neighbours and even perfect strangers will feel as one as we share this special moment with William and Kate.

Whether you’re planning a street party, heading to London or having fun with family at home, here’s ten top ‘money saving’ tips to make your bash a right royal success ..


Royal wedding street parties are a tradition in England as the entire country is mesmerized by this momentous event. So if you’re planning a party there are lots of things you might need to help your day go with a swing.

Tip 1: From music systems to games to play, spare chairs to gazebos use Ecomodo to borrow the things you need for your party directly from your neighbours, friends and work colleagues.


Millions of people will be heading to London and line the wedding route to try to catch a glimpse of our future queen.

Tip 2: Wherever you’re travelling from –  if you need a lift or have spare space in your car check out GoCarShare. Save money by sharing the petrol costs and make new friends along the way.

Tip 3: If you need to travel by car but don’t have one use Whipcar to simply rent one from a neighbour. And if you have a spare seat, share your journey on GoCarShare and help others join in the fun.

Tip 4: London is going to be very busy so if you’re looking for somewhere to park – find spaces all over town at Parkatmyhouse.

Tip 5: London hotels are expensive. A cheaper alternative is to stay with a friendly local expert. Search Crashpadder to find 100’s of room all over London at very reasonable rates.

Tip 6: Want to get a good view of our future queen? Borrow a stepladder on Ecomodo direct from a London lender and save carrying one all the way there.


Royal wedding celebrations wouldn’t be the same without bunting in abundance and decorations galore and the Easter holiday’s are a great time to get the kids being creative. So get crafty, turn everywhere red, white and blue and make your decorations.

Tip 7: Freegle is a great way to find things in your neighbourhood that people do not want any more. From old clothes and scraps of material it’s easy to turn waste into WOW! And a cheap way to make beautiful personalised decor.


Make it a family affair and bring together every generation to share this momentous occasion is a lovely way to create everlasting memories. But do you have everything you will need?

Tip 8: Use Ecomodo to borrow everything you need to host your family from inflatable mattresses, large pots, plates and even chocolate fountains directly from your neighbours.

Tip 9: If you can’t fit everyone in, use Crashpadder to find a spare room from someone locally.


Whether your planning a posh do, a fancy dress party for the kids or even a hat competition at a street party, why not dress up! It’s a fun way to make the day very special.

Tip 10: Borrow dresses, tiaras, hats from people nearby on Ecomodo or upcycle an old outfit with things you find on Freegle.

Image borrowed from: treehouse1977 | FLICKR | Creative Commons

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