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we have a winner ..

April 28, 2010

Congratulations. A lucky lady from SW19 wins our 2 free tickets to Vintage at Goodwood. If you missed out don’t forget all you need to do is register with Ecomodo before the 12 May to get 10% off tickets.

it’s showtime ..

April 19, 2010

London Olympia hosted UK Aware 2010, the No.1 green and ethical show and our first outing into the big wide world. Finally we had the chance to get face-to-face with the real users of our service (outside our design process – that is). The crowd was a wonderful patchwork of people, from environmental activists to priests and eco-chic shoppers to mums hefting pushchairs. Luckliy there were no white rabbits.

The super smart UK Aware team had located us next to Freegle. Together we formed a great team and could tell a whole story about community reuse. If you have something you don’t want anymore but don’t want it to go to landfill, then Freegle it and let one of your neighbours take is for free. But if you have things you want to keep and just make better use of then lend them out on Ecomodo. Perfect.

We made some great friends amongst the other exhibitors and speakers too from Global Action Plan and their Eco-teams crew to Green Collar Woman, Good Energy, Twike, EggMag, MoreEco and TRAID. All doing good things.

drum roll please ..

April 15, 2010

An LCD Projector was successfully borrowed and returned today to the Lender who is raising money for a new lounge. Our first lend has gone off without a hitch.

win tickets for Vintage at Goodwood !

April 12, 2010

Vintage at Goodwood is a new summer festival over 3 days in August – a brand new and truly unique annual event which celebrates 5 decades of British cool.  We’ve got a great offer on tickets AND we can help you look the part in borrowed vintage gear and sleep in a borrowed tent from ecomodo.

All ecomodo members with at least 1 item to lend by 26th April will be entered into our prize draw for 2 free adult tickets worth £135 each.  We will notify our winners during the following week. If you’re not picked but you’d like to go, you can take advantage of a 10% ticket discount before 12th May. All you need to do is register.

we’re planet positive .. are you ?

April 8, 2010

Ecomodo is proud to announce that we have been certified a Planet Positive business as an ongoing commitment to sustainability.  Using the Planet Positive mark, we have measured the carbon footprint of our business operations and committed to reduce our carbon emissions on an annual basis.

Planet Positive certifies that companies are reducing their footprint and providing long-term strategies to add corporate value and shift their business/product into a low carbon economy. It signifies a high standard of environmental achievement by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.  It also demonstrates a positive attitude to climate change and a better way of living. Backed up by a best practice protocol in carbon management, the mark has been tried and tested by over 50 companies in the UK.

Planet Positive is also a movement for a better way of living. Through a series of campaigns and programmes such as the 2020 Vision Campaign, Planet Positive will be reaching out to the individuals to support them in living more sustainably and adopting an optimistic, active approach to climate change.

one hundred

April 3, 2010

100 (one hundred) can mean many things: 100%, 100 club, 100 years war, the sum of the first nine prime numbers, the atomic number of fermium, Haircut 100, or just plain old C. But today for us it means 100 members : )

horray .. we’re live !

April 1, 2010

Today is a red-letter day. Ecomodo has gone live. So here’s a little bit about what we’re about the marketplace of good returns

Ecomodo is an online service that enables people to lend and borrow each other’s everyday objects, skills and spaces with confidence. They can do this for free, for a fee or for charity. Ecomodo facilitates the transaction to make good returns for all.

Ecomodo enriches a local community by enabling people to ..

  • Make and save money : Earn money by lending the assets already owned. Save hard earned cash by borrowing the things not needed often.
  • Do a good turn : Donate proceeds to a favourite good cause or simply help the people around by sharing assets.
  • Lend and borrow confidently : Control who can borrow items by joining or creating trusted lending circles. Choose insurance or deposits for extra peace of mind.
  • Live a richer life : Gain access to the things needed to follow dreams, pursue interests and do the boring jobs more quickly.
  • Be green : Reduce collective effect on the environment by pooling resources.

Join the marketplace of good returns at

Invite people and pool your resources ..

Get the most out of Ecomodo by pooling your assets. Create a circle for your street, village, town, workplace, charity, club, school, PTA, university, faith centre, hospital, coffee shop, interest group, local action group or evenwith the people you meet whilst walking your dog! Use your circles of trust to control who can borrow your items. Find out more about circles ..

Register your charity or good cause  ..

If you run a charity or not-for profit group, register it as a good cause on Ecomodo to let our members donate their earnings to you. Create a circle to promote your good cause and help your staff, volunteers and members by pooling the assets they have. Register your good cause for free.

So, whether you are an individual, charity, community group, school, or any other public or private organization find out how you can get involved.

Not sure what to lend ? Get inspired |  Need to borrow something ? Post a wanted ad |  Learn more about ecomodo

Help us spread the word ..

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