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ecomodo: a revolutionary idea ..

September 16, 2011

We were recently invited to talk at the Business for the Environment summit 2011 about Ecomodo, as a revolutionary idea that will change the world. Output from this summit will be feeding into COP17 – the international climate summit being held in Durban later this year.

Hosted by Dax Lovegrove (Head of Business and Industry at the WWF) our session included talks about:

• Environmental P&L from Reiner Hengstmann (Global Director, PUMA) & Richard Mattison (CEO of Trucost)

• Zero-emission public transport from Paul Lin (Marketing Director, BYD Auto Company Ltd)

• Zero-emission shipping and logistics from Melanie Moore (Vice President, Environment, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics)

.. and a presentation by John Elkington, Founding Partner of Volans.

Our focus was on dematerialised business and the need for manufacturers and outlets to change how they do business by moving from product to service solutions; from retail to rental. The question: will this work and can a service like Ecomodo disrupt the status quo to bring about more rapid change?

Now I’ve had time to digest and reflect on the summit as a whole, I think I’m even more excited about the need and potential of Ecomodo. My brain has just buzzing with ideas and thoughts.

When we first started researching Ecomodo our minds were set on a far bigger picture but like everything with limited resources, we needed to scale down for launch. For me, taking a day and half to step outside the fishbowl again and listen to the other delegates, has re-opened my eyes to what the future holds globally over the coming decades. The need for us all to instill a “sharing culture” seems so essential, especially when you bring together: global population growth; the upcoming consumption needs of emerging countries and our impending natural resource scarcity.

Ecomodo’s talk starts at 54 mins. More videos from the B4E summit are available on YouTube.


start@kew gardens ..

September 4, 2011


Last week, I spent a fabulous five days at Kew Gardens, hosted by our friends from Start, a great initiative to help people across the UK lead more sustainable lives. Though a little rainy over the first fews days, I had the opportunity to talk to lots of wonderful people and the phrase that most sticks in my head as a response about Ecomodo was: “That makes perfect sense”.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our friends from Start for all their support, as well as share some of the other fantastic initiatives that were hosted over the days at Kew. Here’s some of our favourites with great ideas to start doing things differently today!


Project Dirt is a great initiative that connects local people around local green projects.

The DoNation is all about sponsorship, with a twist and enables you to replace cash with action.

Eco-Trumps is a game for all ages that entertains while educating players on environmental issues.

MorsBags is – social, guerilla, bagging – by reusing old fabric to make new bags.

Cool it Schools enabling young people to share creative ideas and practical solutions to environmental problems.

Other organisations we loved at Start@Kew and definitely worth checking out are: Onya bags, Joju Solar, Embercombe, StreetCar, Thrifty Couture and the Soil Association’s Bee Happy Plants initiative.

images borrowed from: Murray Freestone courtesy of Start.

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