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wealth of experience ..

October 15, 2013


Over the last nine months we have been working in partnership with Age UK to look at ways to raise donations for the charity while reducing isolation in old age. The work to date has been focused around testing the idea, exploring options and uncovering barriers specifically in relation to supporting vulnerable people.

Focusing around the sharing of time and skills and in alliance with Age UK Bromley and Greenwich, a pilot scheme has just been launched across the borough. The ‘Wealth of Experience’ pilot puts local residents who need a task doing in touch with Age UK Bromley and Greenwich timebank volunteers who can do it, in return for a suggested donation.

By utilising existing volunteers to offer their services through Ecomodo not only enables them to fundraise for Age UK Greenwich and Bromley but delivers extra peace of mind to vulnerable people who need help as each of their volunteers have been previously vetted.

To bring together all of their volunteers within Ecomodo, Age UK Bromley and Greenwich created a ‘Wealth of Experience’ lending circle that only vetted volunteers can join, enabling people to browse their offers in one place. As Age UK Bromley and Greenwich is one of ecomodo’s good causes, any of our lenders can choose them as a charity to fundraise for but only vetted individuals will be able to join their circle.

If you live in the area of Bromley & Greenwich are are interested in utilising your skills and becoming a vetted volunteer please contact Age UK Bromley and Greenwich to set up a vetting meeting.

Alternatively, feel free to list items on Ecomodo and select Age UK Bromley and Greenwich as your chosen good cause. If you’re not sure what to lend? Click here to Get inspired.

This project has been funding by the Cabinet Office, through Nesta’s Open Innovation programme.


living green ..

April 19, 2013

The Williams family living in Stanford in the Vale are one of the 150 pioneering households that have transformed their old house into an eco home through the SuperHomes project. As part of their shift to live more sustainably they are using Ecomodo to share all sorts of items and inspiring neighbours and local community groups to do the same through a number of lending circles they have set up.

The family recently hosted their first SuperHome Open Day and we wanted to share their video with you as its chock-a-block full of great eco features around their home and information. Enjoy!

50 lending circles ..

July 28, 2010

Horray ! We now have 50 lending circles around the UK. That’s 50 little seeds growing in different communities and a whole bunch of people starting to share their stuff.

Our pioneering members have started ..

  • 34 neighbourhood circles for streets, villages, towns, transition towns, local food growers or freegle groups
  • 4 workplace circles: 3 offices including HSBC and a business network
  • 4 circles for parents: 3 school PTAs and a NCT group
  • 2 council circles in Brent and Cheltenham
  • 2 special interest circles: a dress circle and one for kitesurfing
  • 2 charity circles
  • 1 university circle for students and staff
  • and a circle for a scout group .. Phew!

Our most northern circle is Transition Town Merkinch near Inverness in Scotland and most southern is Jerbourg in Guernsey

Here’s a little more about circles ..

Circles are groups of people with something in common. Ecomodo uses these common connections to bring people together to form Lending Circles. As a member of Ecomodo you can join circles that have already been set-up or create your own and invite others to join you. You can belong to as many circles as you like to fit your life, the people and the communities you connect with.

Here’s 3 good reasons to join or create a lending circle ..

1. gain access and control ..

At the heart of every lending circle is a real local community based on common connections. Member profiles reveal common connections and can help you feel more comfortable about who you are lending to or borrowing from. As a lender, you can use your circles to automatically control who can request to borrow your stuff and on the flip side joining circles will give you more access to the more things you need.

2. they’re tailor-made ..

Each circle can be customised to fit every community. The circle administrator can set their own rules to determine who should or can join. They can create an identity by adding a logo with description and choose to promote a good cause for circle members to donate to.

3. spot the opportunities ..

Lending circles make it easy for you to spot opportunities from your immediate community. They make visible the things you can borrow to save you money and open up new possibilities. They also highlight to what other’s around you need to borrow and how you can help them by lending your stuff.

Find our more about lending circles.

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