it’s our first birthday ..


What an amazing first year!! A big thank you to all our wonderful Ecomodo pioneers who have signed up and started to share their stuff – we really couldn’t do this without you.

So for a bit of birthday fun we thought we’d do some sharing too. Here’s some interesting snippets from the past year ..


Most unusual wanted ad A double decker bus

Highest value object to borrow Microsoft surface unit

Most desirable space to borrow House in Surrey

Most fun skill listed How to cook fish stew

Most requested item Bell tent in Bristol

Top fundraiser Vicky has raised £198.46 for The Princes Trust by lending out an iPad just 7 times.

Most listed item Ladder & Tents – we have 28 of each to borrow

Most wanted item Sewing machines & Wallpaper steamers – it’s level pegging

Current top lender Lewis Skinner from Sheffield with 40 items to lend

Most scary moment On 28th May at 11:52 am our server went down just as we were about to present but we had a good excuse – Stephen Fry had just tweeted about us 🙂

Most glam day 29 June on the shoot for our Women & Home article

Most exciting day Has to be the 2nd December – we won the Green Award 2010 Best Use of Online Media – and chatted with David Attenborough


The best thing about running Ecomodo is all the awesome people we meet: from organisations, large and small, working on exceptional community or environmental based initiatives; to everyday people we talk to at events and going door to door. We’ve even got to know our own neighbours a lot better just from sharing stuff locally.

To all those that have supported us over the past year – We thank you! Especially the organisations that have become our friends and the good causes that have registered with us to start fundraising.

And to all our members – may you always have ‘many happy returns’.


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