lets start fundraising ..


It’s simple to fundraise through ecomodo.com and it takes hardly any time to do it, just lend out your assets to the people around you.

First, think about all the stuff around home that you don’t use that often, take a photo and list it on our web-site. Once listed, you then sit back and wait until a borrower in your area needs it. Then arrange a time to collect and return and at the end of the transaction you will have raised money for your good cause! If you have a skill or space you can also lend those too. Anyone can do it and it’s so much easier than running 26+ miles. Not sure what to lend? Get inspired.

Good causes on Ecomodo can be any not-for-profit group (from a registered charity, school PTA or community campaign). And though we have 30 good causes registered we are always looking for more.

If there’s a good cause you would like to donate to and it’s not on our list below, then please make a suggestion and we will try to sign them up.

Here’s a list of our good causes to date ..

3rd Guernsey Scout Group, Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, Cambodian Communities out of Crisis, Care for Children, Children Walking Tall, DARE uk, Earthwatch Institute, Environmental Justice Foundation, Exercise Tiger Trust, Fanconi Hope Charitable Trust, Food4Macc, FoodCycle, Forces Childrens Trust, Group B Strep Support, Guernsey Climate Action Network, International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals, Islamic Aid, Lemon Aid Limited, Millennium Health Microscope Foundation, Positive Action in Housing Ltd, Puriton Horse and Animal Rescue, Scope, St Martin’s School PTA, The Book Bus Foundation, The Fostering Network, The National Autistic Society, The National Society for Epilepsy, The Prince’s Trust, Thrive Africa, UK Youth

Or if you run a charity or not-for profit group then register it for free on Ecomodo. Read more about the benefits and how to get involved.


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